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Who Am I

I have recently graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a B.S in Electrical Engineering. I am passionate about the science and technology industry, and enjoy new and abstract concepts. My motivation comes from constantly trying to reach my full potential which fuels me in my pursuit of Engineering. With that, I am able to adapt to a constantly changing work environment, and am able to pick up new skill sets and talents.

I am interested in Mixed Signal and Analog Integrated Circuit Design. Recognizing how much of today's modern products rely on such a skill-set, I have tried to immerse myself in the specialization. This has led me to purse graduate level courses in Advanced Analog Circuit Design with the hopes of applying it in the future.

While I am working in the meantime before graduate study, I do have insight in which my studies might align. While the presented example below does not come close to expressing how far my interests extend into all aspects of this specialization, it may give some idea to my experience in the field. 

With the current market reaching the limits of silicon, we are going to need to transition to a new process. While many exist, with various advantages and disadvantages, Silicon-Germanium, for example, is one of the leaders behind low-cost, lightweight, and personal communication devices. Through the use of the Heterojunction Bipolar Junction Transistor (HBT) in this respective process, we could see a boom in all aspects of the communication industry. It is here that I believe I could bridge the gap between a new medium, and mixed signal design.  My graduate pursuit would be a mix of theoretical, and experimentation practices. I would rely on theoretical electronic and signals concepts to develop a functioning design solving a particular issue, implement a layout via a VLSI CAD Suite, and then build a test PCB to verify design work. The results could then be published, and released into the public space.  

Joey Yurgelon

B.S. in  Electrical Engineering 

University of Nevada Las Vegas

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


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