MOSIS Chip Design and Manufacture

I was given the wonderful opportunity to not only develop a skillset using Cadence, a VLSI CAD Suite, but was also able to layout a large variety of structures to get manufactured in On Semiconductor's C5 process. These structures ranged from basic MOSFETs to a full 8-bit loadable resettable up/down counter. After receiving the chips back from MOSIS, as part of my research position, I was tasked with characterizing each of the respective groups chips so that quality reports may be sent back to the manufacturer. Not only did this give me added experience, but it gave me the unique opportunity to verify the designs and layout of my groups chip. All structures on the chip functioned correctly and as designed. 

All of the labs for the class have been listed in the links below, as well as, the link to the respective lab in which these chips were developed on Cadence. It is here where one will be able to compare before/after manufacturing. 

Digital Electronics Lab Reports

Test Chip Layout for Submission to MOSIS for Fabrication

Fig. 1 - Overall Structure Layout in the Chip Padframe

Fig. 2 - Cadence VLSI Cad Chip Layout

Fig 3. - Actual Manufactured Chip underneath a microscope

Fig 4. - Ring Oscillator Structure

Fig. 5 - Logic Gate Structures

Fig. 6 - 8-Bit Loadable/Resettable Counter Internals

Fig. 7 - Counter Close-up

Fig. 8 - Logic and Ring Oscillator Close-Up

Outstanding Electrical Engineering Senior

I was recently nominated and awarded "Outstanding Electrical Engineering Senior" by my Universities ECE Department alongside a good friend of mine in the major. Unfortunately, it was a rather small event, and I did not get a chance to thank those who have brought me to this point. Using this as a platform to do so, I thought it would be nice to create a small and brief 'acceptance speech', if you will, to honor all the help I have received these past four years as my Undergraduate career will end in the coming weeks. So here it is. 

First, I need to thank my parents who have been a major support system for me as I shifted my priorities and pursuits towards refining my craft. They have held down most of the responsibilities at home whilst I have been completely engrossed in my research, schoolwork, and social life. As for the rest of my family, I appreciate all of the kind sentiments, and motivation you have given me in the pursuit of this major. 

The group of students in my graduating class really came together as a community, and as this community grew, the support system that we allotted each-other only gave us the ties to grow as friends and young professionals in the field. I appreciate the role every individual person has played in the group, as I know, I have taken something of value from each of them.

The professors that have taken a personal interestand have allowed me to pursue research in their labs gave me the stage to exercise classroom theory, and grow as an engineer alike. I look to them as role models in field which only serves as motivation for me moving forward. 

Simply put, an individual is the sum of experiences, and influences met throughout ones life. For those reflective in their pursuits, it becomes easy to begin to pin point individual events and people that had a positive shaping on their path in life or long-term growth. While I cannot give a shout out to everyone I have run into these past four years, I can give a blanket thank you to the role they may have played in the journey to this point. 

Outstanding Electrical Engineering Senior Plaque

Outstanding Electrical Engineering Senior Plaque

IEEE Surface Mount Device Soldering Workshop

Recently, I was given the opportunity to host a surface mount soldering workshop for other electrical engineering students looking to learn. After being approached by my universities IEEE president about the idea, I was more than ready to take on the challenge.

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